Acoustic Mayhem

Acoustic Mayhem Bio:

Acoustic Mayhem is what can only be called a "Power Duo". No drums; just 2 guys making a lot of sound for just a guitarist & a bassist/uke player. Originally formed back in the nineties. They played together for around 8 years & released numerous albums in cassette & CD Form (No 8-tracks). After going their separate ways for years, occasionally doing a one off reunion gig. Now they are back!

Still up to their old shenanigans of finding the Blues in whatever style of music they do.

Besides being called a Power Duo. Their music can best be described as Hot Tuna meets the Smothers Brothers on acid playing the music of Robert Johnson & Willie Dixon. While delivering free form jazz comedy as interpreted by Lenny Bruce & George Carlin ...

Some Mp3's from last Acoustic Mayhem Album - Live & In Your Hair - 2011

trimmed & burning
bye bye

Mp3's from Welcome To Our Living Room -1998

Harvesting Time
Slow Woman Blues

Stonecutters show from 10/97

Stonecutters 10/18/97 sets 2 & 3
Acoustic Mayhem (Stonecutters 10/18/97 sets 2 & 3)